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Over one hundred (100) miles of new Active Travel routes, known as the Ayrshire Link, are being developed across South and East Ayrshire for the first time.

The development comes as new research revealed by the National Transport Authority in Ireland unveiled that Active Travel schemes have a more positive impact than people expect.

The study reveals that creating dedicated infrastructure can reduce traffic congestion and emissions, improve air quality and public health, and enable people to feel safer walking.  The research also shows that the benefits are greater when initiatives include traffic calming measures including reduced speed limits and raised crossings at junctions.

Spearheaded by the Ayrshire Road Alliance, a public sector partnership between South and East Ayrshire Councils, the Ayrshire Link will create a safe and accessible network of connecting paths and routes from Girvan to Lugton.

Fifteen different routes are currently planned or under different stages of development.

David Manson, Special Project Officer, Ayrshire Roads Alliance said: “We have an exciting year ahead as the Ayrshire Link takes off with lots of activity underway and new routes in the pipeline.

“We’re also working on developing a new website that will make it easy for people to see at a glance the work that’s going on as well as plan their walking or cycling journeys and have access to lots of great resources.”

The project is being co-ordinated in collaboration with Sweco, a design, engineering and regulatory consultancy focused on making societies more sustainable and funding has been made available from various sources including Ayrshire Roads Alliance, South Ayrshire Council, Sustrans, Transport Scotland, East Ayrshire Council and SPT.


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